• FAQ
  • Do you offer Accounting & Tax Services?

    No, not at this point in time.

    We are not trying to replace your existing Accounting or Tax service advisors. We focus on liberating your business potential, using our proven experience and expertise.

  • What makes you any different from other advisors?

    Most advisors have only worked on businesses from the outside looking in.

    We have a vast experience within the “Pain Zone” working inside the business doing stuff to make it better. We don’t tell you what needs to be fixed, we show you how to do the fixing.

  • Don’t All advisors tell me all the same things?

    That’s the problem – they possibly do.

    We are different.

    We are not like all the other advisors because we won’t bark commands at you. We will guide you; we will show you what to do, we will show you how do to things to improve your business


    we’ll stick with you until we are all happy that the changes are embedded into your business.

  • Don’t consultants charge like wounded bulls?

    We come from a low overhead structure. We don’t have an empire to support so we can deliver a cost effective solution for you. Our passion is helping businesses liberate their potential.

  • Do you do anything else?

    Can’t find what you’re looking for?

    We are an organic organisation, adding new skills and new people as we evolve.

    If you can’t see in us the skills you require, ask us; because we may have recently added another associate into our rapidly expanding business.

    We are only growing with like minded people who share our common goal and values.
    We pride ourselves in being down to earth, personable people you can talk to, as frankly as you need to, using as many Anglo-Saxon words as you need too!!

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